Back in March I decided to embark on a very silly mission to buy a car.  However, funding was short.

I decided to set up Katies Cakey Car Quest, which politely asked people to donate money via PayPal, and in return, when I got the car, I would travel to every peorson in the UK who donated & deliver home made cake.

Noone was more suprised than me when it worked!

I managed to get all the money together, and on 31st March 2011, I went to pick up Martha, a 1968 Morris 1000, in smoke grey (light blue to you & me).

I am trying to recover the original blog, but with not much success, so at the moment there is the bit about the fundraising missing, but from hereon in, I will be blogging about Martha & Me and our adventures!

There is also a little calendar at the side there, with dates that we will be going to various events & shows, so come along & see us if you are local!


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