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The List.

I have been thinking ever since I got her what I would like to do with Martha.  First off I had to fix the windscreen washer, which I did, and did very well.  It works, what more is there to say?!!

I also fixed the sun visor that was held on by a screw!  The plastic at the side towards the middle had broken at some point, and the previous owner had put a screw in place of it to hold it onto the clip above the windscreen.  It was a simple case of yanking out the plastic that was left & flipping it around so that the other side of the plastic was sticking out!  Simple!

I also gave te visors a good clean, they were pretty filthy! I was exceptionally suprised at the change of colour when I started cleaning them!

Marthas left eye was also a bit broken, it was very dim, and I wasn’t sure if it was the bulb or something more serious.  I took the headlamps out & swapped them over, and found it wasn’t as simple as a broken bulb, but someone suggested looking at connectors on the wiring, and polishing them up to see if that helped.  Sure enough, when I looked at the connector, it was exceptionally grubby, so I cleaned it up using a bit of sandpaper, and voila!  A perfectly working headlamp!

Other little things I have done include getting new rubbers for the pedals, replaced the original glove box liners, and a gorgeous crocheted blanket for the back seat (it had to be done!!).


Onto ‘The List’.

The list is a little reminder for myself of all the work I would like to (one day) carry out.  And here is the list;

In no particular order;

  • Weather strips front & rear
  • Flash & bonnet handle
  • gear stick gaiter
  • carpets
  • CD player
  • Replace windscreeen washer jets for twin jets
  • Clean & re-chrome bumpers
  • New light buckets & rims
  • Re-spray
  • New interior
  • Sort out wiring (tidy up!)
  • Clean engine bay
  • Quarterlight mirrors
  • Seals on quarterlights

So not much eh?!  If you have some bits you would like to offer in return for cake, drop me a line!!




Martha & Me!

Tying to rescue the original blog still, which has lots about the fundraising effort & the story of going to pick up Martha!  I hope it can be saved!!

Anyway, it is over a month since I picked her up from Leicester, and apart from a holiday in Prague, and a trip back up north, we have been or a drive pretty much every single day!

In case you didn’t know, my buying Martha was part funded buy donations through the original blog, by the wonderful people of the interwebs!  It was a silly idea I had one evening, and I don’t think anyone was more suprised than me when the money started coming in!  In return for donations, I offered home made cake, which would be delivered by me, in a UK wide road trip.  I am yet to do the road trip, but I am in the process of planning (so if you did donate and haven’t done so already, please email your name & address to kdexeter@yahoo.co.uk!).

Anyway, Martha & I have been having a wonderful time, and over the next few days I will be updating with all the little bits of work I have done on her so far, and then upadating regularly with more of our adventures!