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The Minor Mafia Take Over Cadbury(s) World (DARLING!)

On 25th June I had another visit from Steph & Cat, who this time were joined by Emily, Cat’s sister.

It was fun times as we also made Matt Coles (founder of the MMOC  Young Members Register) pop over from Wales for the day on Saturday.

We had a convoy going from Halesowen to Birmingham, which was the first Minor Convoy I have had the pleasure of being involved with, which included Derek (Matt’s Car) and Martha (Steph’s Car) as well as my Martha.

On the Sunday, we drove the Martha’s and Cat’s Car, Morrisey, to Cadbury World for a fun day out.

The Minor MafiaSeriously, how much do you need to know about chocolate?  I’ll bet it isn’t actually as much as Cadbury (Kraft) World tell you.  A bit of a disappointment that the packaging plant wasn’t open, yet we still had to pay full price (I found out later that it’s not open on Sundays, and can’t help but think this is a bit o a swiz!!!!).  However, I did get a couple of bars of chocolate (which melted in the crazy hot weather), and I got to spend the day with some other awesome Morris Minors.  I mean people.

Ashley came to meet us in the afternoon & we had an impromptu photoshoot in a pub car park.

On Wednesday, 29th June, I went over to Shirley in Solihull to sit my driving test, and guess what! I only bloody passed!!!  I couldn’t actually believe it when the examiner told me I’d passed, and actually asked him if he was kidding!!

I have to say, this was the 2nd time I had sat a driving test, and has to have been one of the most traumatic  45 minutes of my life.

I think what helped me on this occasion was the fact that it took me 3 goes to get the car in the right gear to reverse out of the parking bay in front of the test centre!  After this, I think I must have just decided I had failed & relaxed, which seemed to do the trick!  I was driving thinking ‘oh well, better luck next time, eh?!’ maybe not the right attitude, but it also worked for my mum who passed her test after a similar kind of thing!

So now I am on the road fully, without the need for a co-pilot, though I do miss driving everywhere with someone to talk to.  But, driving alone has some good points – I can listen to the music at full blast like a proper boy racer 😉


Sik Modz (Dedicated to BBTBTM) & The Minor Mafia

So finally I got round to taking a picture of what I did at the weekend;

Alba Car CD Stereo

Hells yeah! I fit a CD player in Martha!  Complete with speakers so I can actually use the thing 😉

Once I had figured out exactly what I needed, and had got round to buying them, it was relatively simple to install.  The major problem was finding somewhere to put it.  My first thought was under the passenger glove box, next to the cigarette lighter, but there is a lip on the underside, so although the bracket for the stereo would go on with no problem, the actual unit wouldn’t have fit in!  My second thought was the shelf underneath the dashboard, but this has a round ‘lip’ so the bracket wouldn’t fit on there.  I ended up getting another bracket (the kind you use for putting up shelves) and attaching that to the underside of the shelf so i could attach the stereo bracket!

The speakers fit into holes cut in the kickboard at either side of the dashboard as there is a convenient little hole in the bodywork there, however there is no picture as the cutting out was pretty messy!  It all works though, which is the great thing!

After sorting this out, I was very excited as Steph & Cat, who I had ‘met’ online through the MMOCYM, were coming to visit!

My Pop Up Mechanic, Ashley, was going to have a look at Cat’s car, as he needed some work doing on him (the car, not Ashley), so after a bumpy start, involving spilled pancake syrup, stolen hash brown and breakdown recovery, the girls made it to Halesowen!

We had a trip to a curry house & then a night of dancing at Zombie Club (goth, anyone?!).  It was a really great weekend, and as Steph put it ‘who knew my car would choose my friends?!’.  It’s true!  Having Martha had meant I have met some lovely people, and I am very much looking to National to meeting some more of my internet buddies!

On Sunday, Steph decided that the Bullring carpark was the perect place for an impromptu photoshoot;

Katie & Martha

You may notice the still missing bonnet flash in this picture, you may also be please do know that today I got the flash back, with the old bolt drilled out & re-threaded *joy*

Whilst in the Bullring, eating ice cream, we noticed the Shell Roadshow, being hosted by *drumroll* Quentin Wilson, or Top Gear & Fifth Gear fame!

We couldn’t resist, and the Minor Mafia cheekily asked for a quick pic!

The Minor Mafia Meet Quentin Wilson

It was an absolutely great weekend, and it was fantastic to meet people from the interwebs!  I know for sure that Martha really has helped me gain some very special friends 🙂