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That’s My Girl!!

First of all, I realise there had been a bit of a drought when it comes to posts, for which I apologise profusely!

On Monday 18th July, I started a new job in Tamworth. Martha was in the garage for the whole of that week, which not only meant I had to be up at 5.30am for 5 whole days, but also that I missed her far too much than can be considered healthy.

So, where to begin?

As you know, Martha was in because her gearbox had gone. On Saturday 16th July, I dropped her off at the local garage with a new old gearbox, hoping I would have her back for Tuesday.

Alas, things are never quite so straightforward, are they?

The new old gearbox was also shot, and the guys at the garage discovered that the clutch was extremely badly worn & needed replacing. Double whammy!

Luckily for me, I have some very kind people close to me, and one way or another, we were able to get the money together for a refurbished gearbox and clutch kit which the lovely guys at the garage were able to fit with no problem.

So, on Saturday 23rd July, ater a WHOLE WEEK without her, I went to pick Martha up from the garage, and I’ll be honest with you, readers, she is like a completely different car! She purrs like a (…n asthmatic) kitten! She is much smoother and much, much less noisy, and even more beautiful to drive, if that is even possible!

The spending didn’t stop there, however. When I got her, the front tyres were badly worn, and yes, I had put off getting new ones due to lack of money, but as I had started the new job in time for a couple of weeks worth of pay, I went and splashed out on 4 new tyres for her. Not just any old tyre, either, but NITROGEN filled tyres (all together now, say ‘oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!’). Apparently the nitrogen means that the tyres stay inflated for longer as the miniscule particles do not ‘escape’ through the tyre wall like hapens with aire filled tyres. Which is good, it means I don’t have to pay 20p for air. TWENTY BLOODY PENCE FOR AIR?!!! What is the world coming to?!

Since being back with me, we are really racking up the miles, travelling to Tamworth & back each day, which totals around 60 miles each day. She has no problem at all, although lorries seem to have a problem with her. As do BMW & Mercedes drivers…

I do enjoy having a long dive, and I have seen (and honked & waved at) a few other classic car drivers (it’s impolite not to, you know!). There is one car I have seen a couple of times in Wilnecote – a red Beetle, driven by a lady. I think it may be called Gloria… If, by any chance, you hapen to be reading this post, I’m not mental, I just get overexcited when I see other nice cars 🙂

Also got a lovely smile from a gentleman driving a Mini today. Seriously, I think all these people just think I am insane. I wouldn’t tell them otherwise…


Katie xxxx



For anyone who is friends with me (or Martha) on Facebook, or Twitter, you will already be aware that Martha is currently sat in the garage down the road.

On Wendesday, as I was driving from work to home at lunchtime, Martha’s gearbox kind of went…THUNK, then she made an awful clunking noise, but only in 2nd gear.

Stupidly, I drove her back to work, then I managed to get stuck on a corner coming back.  It seems as though she is trying to select 2 gears at the same time (reverse being one of them).  I had to be picked up in a tow truck and taken home!!

So yesterday, Bob (my boss) and I went to Flitwick to pick up a new gearbox.  Well, new to me, anyway.  And tomorrow, the lovely men at ATS are going to take out the old gearbox, and put the new one in.

The funny thing is, we have no idea if the ‘new’ gearbox will work or not, so this could just be a whole waste of time (and money).

The thing is, tomorrow I am starting a 2 week trial as a graphic designer, which requires me to travel to Wilnecote, near Tamworth – a 30 minute car journey, or a 1 and a half hour public transport journey!  So really, I need to try what I can!!

I am crossing my fingers that she is ok tomorrow, and will be able to take me to work.  And hopefully to Leeds next weekend too!!  EEK!

On a lighter note, Thursday saw me get a tattoo in honour of Martha!

(a not too great picture, I apologise!)