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A word of advice for modern car drivers

After an experience this morning, I have been compelled to write this little post.

Many modern car drivers seem to think that Morris Minors (or indeed, any ‘old’ car) can only do 30mph, the breaks are rubbish, and bits fall of as we drive along.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  As mentioned in my previous post, Martha was up to 85mph on Sunday, and there were no problems with her at all  (Martha is also pretty quick off from a standing start, so I am happy to race any boy racers at traffic lights, and have done 😉 ).

However, old cars do have their drawbacks, one being trouble with speedbumps.  The old suspension on a Moggy is not as good as that of a brand new car, hence my having to actually slow down when going over a speed bump.  For anyone who has been in a Moggy that has gone over a speed bump at speed, you will know how much it can hurt as your head hits the roof, not to mention the damage it can do to your car.

People still get exceptionally annoyed when having to slow down behind me though.  For instance, this morning, I had a fella right up my arse along a road, with a college AND a school on it, so really, I wasn’t going to be speeding along anyway.  The said road had those awful speed bumps that are just squares on each side of the road, so naturally I went quite slowly.

Despite me almost slowing to a stop, he kept so close to me I couldn’t see the front of his car, yet he didn’t overtake either (which is most annoying). Past the speed bumps I put m foot on the floor (as it were) and went up to 30mph, and he stayed quite a way back, most odd, thought I.

This went on, until I turned off to go to the petrol station, when HE CLAPPED!!!

Seriously, he clapped at me turning off.

Martha could take you on any day you silly little man!

But my advice to modern car drivers is this – if you ‘get stuck’ behind an old car, deal with it, you can always overtake, and I know a lot of moggy drivers are like me, we see you getting annoyed & trying to intimidate, and lightly tap the breaks, you know, a Moggy can do 5mph comfortably…