The Original Quest

So how do I revise this and say that plan B had to be put into action? (see here for more information). 

Unfortunately the Oxford was no longer available, so I am working towards a (cheaper) Morris 1000!  The deposit has been paid, and an arrangement been made with the dealer, so we are all systems go for Katies Cakey Car Quest!

Instead of £2500, the target is now set at £2000, which means, at this moment in time (Wednesday 16 March 2011), I have almost 15 % of the money already! Again, a massive thank you to everyone who has been so kind so far! You are all exceptionally lovely people!!



I’ve found my dream car. She is a Morris Oxford, just down the road from me, so within reach, sort of. I have no money for her, unfortunately.

Lovely people of the internets that I do not know, this is where you can help! by donating just a small amount of monies, my dream of owning this beautful car could come true!

She is a snip at £2500, so if 2500 of you each donated just £1, I’d be on my way to pick her up!

I know that people do this sort of thing to get boob jobs, so I thought I’d try my luck, however, unlike boob job ladies, YOU will get something out of it. Yes! If you let me have your address, when I have this lovely car, I will hand deliver cakes to you. Think about it, you wouldn’t get a squeeze of fake boobies if you paid for them, but by donating to my car fund, you will get CAKE*!! This does only apply to UK residents, and you won’t be getting any boob grabbing action either here I’m afraid.

Look how beautiful she is!

1966 Morris Oxford

There is also a back up plan in the form of a lovely 1968 Morris Minor who is equally beautiful.  Always got to have a plan B.


*Donations of £1 or more qualify for hand delivered cake within the UK


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