So yesterday I took Martha alllllll the way to Worcester for her MOT (about a 50 mile round trip). It was a great drive – the weather was acceptable, if a little chilly, and it was excellent to be driving her again. You know, it’s easy to forget just how different it is to drive a classic car – noisy, different driving position, MASSIVE STEERING WHEEL, gearstick very different, and of course, you have the lack of a 5th gear (sorry about that, Martha), but it really was great to have her out on the road again.

We arrived a little early for the test, which was all good, as the appointment before me had cancelled, so Martha went straight in and onto the ramps, and off I went to wait out the result!

An hour later I returned, to find out she had failed 😦

Saying that though, it’s nowhere near as bad as I had thought it would be – Steering rack gaiter is split (I had a replacement in the boot), the brake switch needs replacing (had a spare one in the boot), she has European headlamps that kick up the wrong way, and the front brakes need adjusting.

So, there is nothing at all major, and probably nothing I wasn’t aware of, and best of all, nothing too expensive, so she will be going back for her re-test in a week or so, and will pass with flying colours, naturally 🙂


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  1. I’m intruigued as to why you travel to Worcester to get Martha MoT’d – have you found a classic-friendly garage over here?

    I always took Phyllis to Drive in Autocentres in Blackheath (the older chap who did most of the MoTs there was pretty classic-friendly) and they used to regularly do a cheaper MoT offer.

    Being out in the sticks as I am now, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere suitable for Phyllis but seem to have lucked into a great back-street garage in MarketTown; the proprietor isn’t afraid of older stuff and in his spare time races Minis (the proper ones). All good stuff.

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