She’s Alive!!

So yesterday Ashley & Chris popped round to finish the work on the halfshaft.

After a nice cup of tea, they got to work, while I supervised (too many cooks spoil the broth etc etc).

It didn’t take too long, as all that needed doing was the half shaft popping back in, and the diff putting back in & everything being topped up with oil, I think the part that took the longest was me having to go & get the oil (and brake shoes, I figured whilst the wheels were off…!)

It was so exciting to see her being lowered off the jacks, and touching the ground properly again!  My heart was, quite literally, in my mouth!

As soon as I was able I jumped right in & started her.

Or rather, tried to start her.

For the past few months I have been driving a modern car – modern cars don’t have a choke – and it took me a moment to figure what was wrong!  She got started though, not too bad considering since 7th December she has only been started once and I took her for a little drive round the car park (she is currently declared SORN and sans MOT so no proper driving just yet!) and it was wonderful to be in a ‘proper’ car again!

Ashley & Chris did a little fiddling under the bonnet and she’s now running like a dream, she sounds like a real car and I can’t wait to get her back on the road properly!

She is just needing a crank shaft bolt and the MOT and we are good to go!


In other news, Ashley is now the proud owner of not 1, but 3 Morris Minors – one of them is smooshed, and the other 2 aren’t going anywhere any time soon, but I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s managed to get one working car out of the three! 😀


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