A little word of advice for road users, and a sad sad goodbye

A few weeks ago, I found out via Facebook that Ashley had been involved in a car crash. ‘Some cuts and bruises’ he said, then I saw the pictures…

Moggie was a 1955 Morris Minor, and so had no seatbelts.  A guy (in a BMW) jumped a red light and hit them, causing the car to go into the air & hit a road sign (impressive if it wasn’t quite so horrific).  Luckily Ashley & passenger, Bobby, were both able to get out of the car, and are both on the way to a full recovery.

I can’t get over the stupidity of some people on the roads.  I often find myself wondering how people managed to pass their test if they drive the way they do, but I am fast realising that the law only matters if you are caught, and I guess that’s the problem.  Frequently on my way to & from Worcester University, I see people driving in excess of the speed limit (seriously, set off 10 minutes earlier & you won’t have to rush) and driving whilst on their mobile phones (I can’t see what could possibly be so important).  A lot of cars come without indicators these days too…

It’s exceptionally upsetting to hear about Ashley losing his car like this.  Sure, I know, cars can be replaced, but I am not sure this is something you can understand unless you are the owner of a classic car.

Of course, we are all exceptionally happy that both Ashley & Bobby were able to walk away from the accident, but we shall still lament the passing of Moggie.

Plus, the weekend after the accident, Ashley was meant to be coming round to sort out Martha’s broken half shaft, so he buggered that up royally 😉

Best wishes you two xxxx


4 responses

  1. Oh how awful! Minors don’t really hold up to that sort of treatment well; I wonder whether in that case it was better to be strapped in or potentially thrown clear. I suppose one of the good things is that cars of almost any age can be fitted with seatbelts and although my Minor doesn’t have belts in the rear, the aftermarket ones she has (she’s a ’62, but they were fitted in the 80’s and replaced when I bought her in 2000) are in good working order and always, always used.

    When I had an accident in Phyllis it was really upsetting; it was only a rear-end shunt and she was repairable (just…) but the tremendous feeling of loss, albeit temporary, when seeing a car into which I had invested hours of knuckle-scraping work, reduced to a bruised and twisted shell.

    As you travel your way to Worcester University; if you happen to see a black four-door Minor (much like the above, but which a white grille), give her a wave. 🙂

    1. You don’t happen to go up the big ole dual carriageway from Kidderminster way to Worcester and pull off at the caravan park place do you?! Perhaps I stalk other Morris Minor drivers. Perhaps.

      Martha has seatbelts in the front, but not in the back, I feel sorry for back seat passengers, especially if there is only one person as they slide up & down the seat 😉 When someone went into the back of me I was everso grateful for the seatbelt, I’m pretty sure I would have headbutted the steering wheel, and not having a fringe to cover it up, a nice half moon bruise on my forehead would have been mighty attractive!

  2. 🙂 awwww bless you
    and yes word of warning everyone
    as my dad says i worry at what the other c##ts are doing

    1. The best bit of advice that I was ever gven re driving was ‘always look out for other people as it’s them that will cause the accident’, and looking at some of the mentalists about, this holds true!

      Glad you’re OK Phipps. Who would help (work on) Martha if you were reet badly injured, eh?!

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