Martha & Me – Part 1

As you will probably know by now if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I went to pick up the little moggy last week!  Yes! She has been in Halesowen for over a week now and I haven’t mentioned a thing on here!

The reasons for this are many, but mainly because I started my new job last Friday and just haven’t had time to write a proper post!

So, I guess you want to know what went on then?

Katie on her way to collect Martha The Morris Minor

Katie on her way to collect Martha The Morris Minor

Well, On Thursday 31st March, Mama D & I took a trip over to Leicester to bring back Martha (as she is now known!).  We were loaded up with oil, break fluid, cushions, manuals and a whole lot of other things we probably didn’t need, but we were both looking forward to bringing little Martha back home!

When we arrived at the car lot, Yunis was about to take her out for a test drive, but he took off the bits & bobs & let me do it.  HA! I managed to stall all the way round the block in spectacular fashion (for those of you who are used to driving modern cars – a Morris Minor – or any other ‘vintage’ car – is TOTALLY different!!).

We filled in various bits of paperwork and finally the keys were handed over!  Again, after a few false starts, we drove round the block a few times to give me chance to get used to her, and off we went!

It took us 2 hours to escape Leicester.  TWO HOURS!!!  I have never seen anywhere with such bad (or even lack of) signposts!! Our directions led to places that weren’t on any on the signs we saw, and so we ended up going in the wrong direction!

A stop of at a service station meant we could refuel (by this point it was after 3pm and we hadn’t yet had lunch), and check the maps and formulate a new plan of attack!

So off we pootle towards the right direction, which was a pretty uneventful drive really.  A nice drive, and I managed to get Martha up to 70mph(!!!!) but the excitement didn’t happen until we got to Tamworth services.

When I got out of the car I thought I could smell petrol, but I wasn’t sure if it was just the service station, so thought nothing of it.

When I got back to the car, I could still smell petrol.


I had a look under the bonnet, and discovered the fuel pipe was badly perished, and piddling petrol all over the inside of the engine bay.  Not exactly what you want to be happening when travelling a relatively long distance.  As I was looking  at the mess, a lovely young man called Mick Taylor who works for Keltruck came over to help out.  We discovered the problem, and he popped back to his van and came back with a role of tape to do a quick fix so we could get back home

We finally got back home (via the chip shop) at going on for 8pm, at which point I had trouble parking the beast & had to go & ask one of the neighbours to help out before I went into the side of his van. 

For all the trouble so far, I blummin love my little Martha!!

So that is the story of getting her back home.  Tomorrow I will write about all the fun I have had with her so far!!  Thank you again to everyone who helped make it possble for me to bring her to Halesowen! 



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