Car Care Kit

Like a sensible car owner, I am gradually putting together a little kit of necessities to keep in the car in case of emergencies!

I have my map, oil, screenwash, screen wipes, ice scraper, air fresheners, shammy pad and BLANKET!

The blanket is so cute, crocheted and a snip at £3 from a charity shop.  A must for hot days (to cover the leather seats – OUCH!!) and picnics, and of course, cold nights!

When I saw these air fresheners, I just had to get them, a smiley orange & a smiley apple!!

 Cute cute cute!!

Also in the post this morning, I got…

Morris Minor - A British Classic

With our flat, we also have a residents only parking space, which, unfortunately, other people like to park in.  So I got myself a little sign to put up in front of it.  Cheeky? 😉

Yesterday was a very bizarre day.  It started off with a nice letter from my employer, firing me.  I have been off sick, and this was the action that they saw fit to deal with that fact.  So a bad start, however, also in the same post, I got my official Morris Minor Owners Club Membership through! I got a free sticker too, which went some way to cheer me up!

Things are going well with the fundraising, and hopefully very soon I will be going with Mama D to pick up the beast.  I can hardly wait, I am so excited!! Mama D is planning on moving down here, so when I have the car we will be taking a trip up North to Keighley to help her sort some things out too – because I can.  Awwww!

Still accepting donations, in return, all UK donations of £1 or more will be added to the drop off list.  You can see the maps so far on the ‘Katies Cakey Road Trip’ page.




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