Routes so far!

Thank you again to everyone who has donated so far! I really am overwhelmed at the response my ridiculous idea had received!!

So today I have been looking at the maps, and looking at how far my cake deliveries will take me!

So far, my Northern route is looking a little like this –

A 365 mile round trip visiting Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham, Leeds, Keighley, Garstang, Blackpool and Stoke On Trent!

The Southern Leg is 537 miles!,-0.560303&sspn=1.54749,5.388794&ie=UTF8&ll=51.63512,-0.564605&spn=1.8361,3.01205&output=embed
View Larger Map
So, what this has revealed to me is that I obviously need some more cake deliveries in the South West to break the southern leg up into two seperate trips!!! 😉



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