New Books!

Today I got an early birthday present (to myself);

Morris Minor 1000 drivers handbook, Haynes Morris Minor 1000 Workshop Manual

A brand new 1970s edition of the Morris Minor 1000 drivers handbook, a copy of the Haynes Morris Minor 1000 Owners Workshop Manual, and a cute little pin badge;

Morris Minor Badge

The drivers handbook is fantastic, much easier to understand that the Staton Abbey book I got last week, and has excellent illustrations too! So now I know how to turn on the lights and windscreen wipers, how to use the screenwash (but not where to put the stuff), how to keep the bodywork & chrome in tip top condition & what all the litle knobs & switches do.  Fabulous!

I am so excited to get my new little Moggy, I can barely wait, part of me wants to go & see her at every opportunity (and play with the windscreen wipers), but I will have to wait.

The next exciting thing to come through the post will be my membership pack for the Morris Minors Owners Club!!

Over £600 has been raised so far, and I can hardly believe it!! Any birthday money I get will of course be going towards her too! EXCITING!!!




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