I am very surprised by the amount of negativity my quest has received.  I have had people say it is ‘horrendous’ and ‘a joke’ I have an anonymous poster spamming my blog , making not much of a point at all (all I could gather is that they are annoyed that I would have to travel from Blackpool to Edinburgh).

I apologise if anyone thinks that I have misled anyone in any way, but I thought I made it quite clear on the home page what this is about – I am raising money for a car, all the proceeds will go towards a car, not a charity, and for everyone who donates £1 or more, and supplies their address, I will deliver them cake on a UK wide road trip.  In that way, I am actually selling a product, think about it.

I have not lied about the cause, and I have put in money myself, of course I will continue to as & when I can.  I am also selling items on Ebay to raise funds.  ‘Me’ commented on my use of the word ‘fundraising’ as though that misleads people into thinking it is for a charity, yet what I am doing is raising funds, so I’m not sure what else I should call it.

I am not guilting anyone into donating, it’s quite simple, if you have a couple of quid spare, and you would like to donate, that would be lovely, if you don’t like the idea, move on.  I’m not really a big lover of but do you know what, I don’t spent my time trawling the site & leaving nasty comments, quite frankly I have better things to do.

However, I don’t want this to be a totally down in the dumps post, so I would like to point out to everyone who has donated so far, it really is truly appreciated, and it has gone some way to restoring my faith in the human race!

So to round off, please please please, if you don’t like the idea, just click that little red cross up at the top of the browser window and move on, after all, I’m not actually hurting anyone.




3 responses

  1. I think this is an adoreable idea! It is no different from doing a jumble sale- not quite sure why people would have a problem. Best of luck Katie 🙂

    1. Thank you! I am so grateful to everyone for their support, but it’s unfortunate that the people that say bad things are the ones that stick out so much!

      I’m looking forward to meeting all the lovely people!

  2. I’ve donated to this because I think it’s a nice idea. The website makes it perfectly clear what’s occuring and the simple fact is that in this day and age full of misery and greed I think it’s good to help out someone out a little. I don’t understand the negativity aside from it’s a sign of the times, this coupled with the age old formula of internet + anonimity = gobshite means your going to cop some. Hopefully the get bored and move on to trolling somewhere else.

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