Hello world!

So this is the opening day of the great car fundraiser!

I promise, when I have the car, to hand deliver cake to everyone in the UK who donates & supplies their address.  I think that’s alright, don’t you? Yes? Well have a look over there on the right & hit donate to get me a car & get you CAKE!!!


7 responses

  1. What if you don’t get all the money or if someone else buys the car? Do we get our money back?
    I live in Edinburgh, will you hand deliver my cake?

    1. Good questions!

      I am planning making an arrangement with the seller of the car, so that noone else does get it. If I don’t get all the money from donations, I will top it up myself. I do intend to put a portion of my wages to the fund when I get paid.

      And yes, of course I will hand deliver your cake, I have never been to Edinburgh 🙂

      1. Me again. This is never gonna work. An Oxford did 29mpg WHEN NEW. Right now you’re spending £75 on petrol and giving 4 cakes. FYI you need your donations to be more than 20p per mile travelled to break even on just the gas.

        What’s it worth for me not do donate a quid cos from Blackpool to mine will put you down by another 35.

      2. Why are you so worried? What is your main concern? PLease email me with any questions you may have instead of spamming my page.

        I’m not overy sure what point you are trying t make other than to moan about something you’re not making very clear.

      3. I’m also very unsure what you mean by ‘What’s it worth for me not do donate a quid’. Are you trying to threaten me in some bizarre way?

        Feel free to email me & tell me your name, because right now you are boring me greatly.

        If you don’t want to contribute, don’t. I’t really that simple.

        Thank you.

  2. *Confuzed* If ur puttin the rest, what if u only get 50quid? If ucan top that up, u don’t need our money. If u can’t, wot u doin with our cash? The other week u woz askin 4money 4drivin lessons on twitter. Can u drive? If not, how u gonna deliver my cake?

    1. If you don’t want to donate, don’t, noone is forcing you.

      If I only got £50, I couldn’t afford to put in the rest, but I’m not aware of a time limit being put on my fundraising.

      I’ll happily put a cake in the post for you if that’s what you are concerned about.

      I haven’t asked for money from people before. I may well have posted a flippant remark, but to say I ‘woz askin 4money 4drivin lessons on twitter’ is untrue.

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